Puzzled why one would bring a sleeping newborn to a showing of Deadpool of all things.
Honestly, because they sleep and don't really know or care much about the movie. We used to bring my godson to all sorts of movies. He napped through them all. Now that he's a toddler, no more movie time :/ ‎· Jennifer D.
That is a rookie move. ‎· Jenny H.
Yeah I can see the whole sleeping through part. Different priorities I guess. I just don't see myself ever wanting to see a movie in a theater bad enough to bring a baby to. ‎· ronin
As a single mom, it was pretty much the only way to be able to go. It was less stress than bringing him shopping, I can say. That he did not sleep through :) ‎· Jennifer D.
I've just been this rookie parent before who thought their newborn would sleep through the movie. Nope. I've also been to countless, extremely loud action movies that have scared the shit out of sleeping babies. ‎· Jenny H.
Well this particular baby was equipped w/ear muffs (the noise suppression type). ‎· ronin
That doesn't seem like a complete rookie parent. ‎· April