If anyone wants an invite to check out Imzy, DM me your email. https://www.imzy.com
If I fracture my attention any further... ‎· MoTO Babycakes
you have a dm :) ‎· Brixie
o/ ‎· fewdayslate
What's it like? ‎· Halil
Mm... well, it's basically a discussion forum that looks more web 2.0ish. So the design/layout looks like FF/FB/G+/Mokum but instead of following other people, you join communities/topics that interest you. There's actually no following other users at all. Not sure if that's by design or if they just haven't gotten around to it yet. The one interesting feature I guess is you can create separate profiles for use in different communities. ‎· ronin
So it is like Usenet, but more inconvenient? ‎· Marco d'Itri