Hmm... I guess Instagram cut off API access to 3rd parties today since Instalicious stopped working. Now what'm I gonna do for a desktop Instagram app. Does the Instagram website refresh automatically?
Instagram has changed its API, IFTTT informed few days ago all users that recipes were going to be disabled due to this ‎· Brixie
The lack of a good desktop alternative is a bummer. Their website doesn't seem to update automatically. ‎· ronin
Weird. My 3rd-party Instagram app on my phone still seems to work. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Not everything was cut off, from what I understand, but apps created before a certain time needed to make changes or they were sandboxed ( ‎· Jennifer D.
Supposedly only photo-editing apps will retain access since w/the new API, they're only allowing users to retrieve their own photos. So shouldn't be able to pull the normal feed anymore. ‎· ronin
So no more feed apps for desktop or iPad which is just lame. Instagram's been out for how long now and they still haven't bothered coming out w/a unified iPhone/iPad app? Boo. ‎· ronin
Ugh, that sucks. ‎· Jennifer D.