A Man Is Sailing Around the World With His Chicken "Monique has almost fallen overboard more than once, but don't worry, she knows how to swim. And surf." http://mentalfloss.com/us/go/81494
Fresh egg! ‎- ⓚⓐⓐⓝ
Chicken of the Sea ‎- Spidra Webster
+1 Spidra ‎- bentley
I feel like her name should be Billina if she's out sailing the seas :D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billina) ‎- Jennifer D.
Gotta have a coxswain. ‎- Micah
Megan wins. #HAILSPIDRA! ‎- MoTO Babycakes
Micah gets an honorable mention. ‎- MoTO Babycakes