Town is asking residents to set a/c to 77 degrees during peak electricity usage times. We're usually set to 78. How low are people usually setting their a/c's???
According to my notes, back when I had central air, I set it at 80/78 (not home/home) and I also turned on fans when I was home. The timer turned it to "home" half an hour before I was due back. ‎· bentley
Around here, usually to 70, but 'warm' is usually around 80 with low humidity. Someplace where it is far warmer/muggier outside, usually between 77-78. That said, I only really need it that cool when I'm trying to sleep. Otherwise, I don't mind having it be a lot warmer. ‎· Jennifer D.
We keep ours set to 75 or 76 during the afternoon, but I know plenty of people that set it as low as 72 or even 68 at all times. For us, it's 68 overnight (in order to keep the AC from working too hard during the day), then up to 72, then up to 76 by afternoon. ‎· Mr. Noodle
My parents' (where I'm at til I can relaunch) is set at 80 to save energy. It is very difficult. Better than nothing, but it's so high that unless it's high 90s or more, the house spends the day in the high 70s or at 80 inside and the AC doesn't really kick in 'til nighttime. In fact, this AC system takes a good while after it hits 80 to kick in so the temp probably climbs even higher. Back when I had a place of my own, I'd set it to 75, I think. I am not productive if I'm in misery from the heat and not being productive is no savings of $ for me. It's better than no AC, but it's tough. I think a factor in how much I can take depends on how the house holds/radiates heat. This house has a lot of insulation but is built along a E-W axis so it absorbs southern heat all day long and radiates it for a long time. The Victorian I used to live in was very cool-feeling even in hot weather so I didn't need to use the AC much at all. ‎· Spidra Webster
When our highs are in the 90's I set it to 79 during the day--definitely have a mental block about setting it to 80 until the temps (or at least the heat index) hit the 100's. But I also lower it a degree or two at night, to keep the air circulating. And will often bump it down one more degree first thing in the morning, so that it's cycling while I'm in the shower (the new house doesn't have a fan in the bathroom). ‎· Kirsten