Our new Squirrel Buster Standard in the front yard. Took the birds about a day to discover it. The squirrels found it first and for awhile there I wasn't sure if it was living up to its name cause I noticed one particularly enterprising squirrel hanging upside down on it which does kinda defeat the "busting" mechanism. But apparently they figured the reward wasn't worth the acrobatics cause afterwards I'd see them occasionally jump on it just to see if anything changed but for the most part they just slink around on the ground underneath looking for scraps that the birds knocked out. Plus our neighbor's feeder is larger and non-squirrel proof so they have a better time over there. ;-p
Also fun to watch the hierarchy of birds that use it. Woodpecker > Blue jays/starlings > cardinals > sparrows. I guess it's not surprising that it goes by size. =p The robins are completely uninterested and the mourning doves will not perch on it at all. They just peck around below it. ‎· ronin
The cardinal also came by w/either its mate or an older offspring. I can't tell the difference, it was brown w/some red on its head. But they were fun to watch. The brown one would stay on the ground while the male looked for a perching opportunity. Once he did his run the brown one would do really fast wing ruffling at him and he'd feed it. ‎· ronin
Geez they go through the seeds like crazy. 3/4 full tube gone in a day. ‎· ronin
Weird, kids just found a dead sparrow underneath it. Looks to have been there since early afternoon/morning. Wonder what happened to it as there were no visible wounds. Body looked a little flattened though. ‎· ronin