This Japanese guy who for some reason thinks my .Mac email address is his own is starting to tick me off. He keeps signing up for FB and Google accounts w/it and obviously can't complete the sign up because all the "click this link to confirm" emails are coming to me instead. Been going on for a year now.
Better than the family that writes our phone number on all of their bad checks. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Do you have the affiliated FB account already? If so, eventually Facebook lets you opt out of email notifications. You click a link that says, "IT IS NEVER ME WHO WANTS THIS PASSWORD." ‎· Meg Vmeg
Well both FB & Google confirmation emails have a link at the very bottom where you can tell them that you didn't create an account w/this email (and in FB's case, a further option to stop all future attempts). Unfortunately the emails are in Japanese so took me awhile to figure out those links were there. ‎· ronin
Yeah, after you reject enough of those, eventually there is a new link so that you don't even get the confirmation emails. But if it's also in Japanese, I'm not sure I would advise it :) ‎· Meg Vmeg