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Babymetal is Getting Their Own Animated Web Series! | Nerdist "The Babymetal invasion continues to rock the world! Band members Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal have already had their second smash hit record this year, followed by an amazing rise in popularity during their latest international tour. They're even playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in England! But now the Japanese metal band is set for their own animated adventure. Warner Bros.’ digital studio Blue Ribbon Content and Amuse USA have announced a new Babymetal web series that will feature a blend of animation and live-action. Essentially, the girls will be playing themselves as they travel (via a portal, of course) back and forth from the animated realm that embodies the magic of heavy metal itself. In this incarnation, Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal are a "warrior band" who have been called together by the god, Kitsune, to defend heavy metal from dark forces."


I will watch the heck out of that.

 ‎· Jennifer D.

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