If there is no traffic, do navigation apps estimate your arrival time based on the posted speed limit - or your historical driving speed? .
Barbara Hammer Archive adds to Beinecke's collections of LGBTQ creativity https://t.co/OnU5B5sCqF .
"Serves on the Reference Desk…in order to obtain first-hand knowledge of the needs & problems of student & faculty… https://t.co/M9GhblGJFS .
Job opening: University Librarian, University of Hawai'i https://t.co/DSlC6MYmsI .
Including a short discussion of this @GaviaLib piece https://t.co/UjvQfLJlvv .
Thread on diversity "residency" programs, including some key avoidable problems. @jvinopal @SoulCitySigma https://t.co/IBT9ndHlhU .
Powerful and troubling. @MartinKurzweil @wpnick https://t.co/ewXQAqpT4u .
To improve diversity, talent, and culture, library leaders must first look inside their own organizations and pract… https://t.co/2Pq0jrIppX .
Job opening: Director, @metmuseum https://t.co/cx4ApQWYsk .
Finally, a way to waltz in to that place without feeling guilty about not paying anything for the suggested admission. jk. ‎· Stephen Francoeur ‎· 3
Chicago's municipal ID can also be used to pay public transit fares and to use the public library! https://t.co/avwRTTGKrG .
And I hear that they announced this to the press before they told the branch libraries! ‎· hedgielib ‎· 2
@hedgielib: Oh jeez. Nice one. ‎· Roger
Students are "abused" transferring credits from community colleges to bachelor's degrees @dougledIHE via @LexaLogue https://t.co/RyFRy0yxei .
Wonderful generosity from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation benefiting @nypl & all New Yorkers. @infodocket https://t.co/SF8CfzZJux .
Big news from @MellonFdn: Earl Lewis to step down as president https://t.co/eKxu9OwgCy https://t.co/h8CzYT3Goq .
Thrilled to see my recent @IthakasSR post on @OSFramework & research workflows appear in Portuguese on @RedeSciELO https://t.co/KYNzPUhHT2 .
Johnetta Cole to serve as @MellonFdn fellow, focusing on art museum diversity, accessibility, equity, & inclusion https://t.co/Gs99SlD0DN .
I wonder how librarian colleagues who so disliked Beall's List feel about such efforts being stopped by research mi… https://t.co/eeG2QQTBUP .
So, @Jeffrey_Beall took his List down due to a research misconduct care opened against him by his university. https://t.co/Twr9m3Q8wc .
It may well be that, absent further intervention, "diversity across the ranks of library employees is in fact in the process of falling." .
But, I'm not sure that diversity in LIS programs is our most significant barrier. My related reflections:… https://t.co/KdTgdkfSxp .
New today: overview of diversity & Inclusion programs and policies at @ARLnews libraries https://t.co/D2SadDdFZn https://t.co/NuCcOErPty .
For those academics who find this disturbing, I would ask, why do universities have demand for such services? https://t.co/KYWcHML0LH .
"Maybe we become New Yorkers the day we realize that New York will go on without us." Remembering 9/11 https://t.co/YIOQ0MCmYv .
Knowledge Unlatched begins providing its discoverability services for other OA books as well https://t.co/9GhhvciHPG .
Important new opening at the Center for Open Science ( @OSFramework ), helping them scale. https://t.co/3hTWG0YBnJ .
Reminds me that my favorite NYC restaurant - @frankrestaurant - is cash-only. https://t.co/JAErj4jaCz .