I've come to like the expression "more wood behind fewer arrows" - the idea of needing to bring prioritization and focus given that time and resources are always limited. But, I've been wondering if this phrase might be offensive or irritating in any way? Your thoughts?
If there is no traffic, do navigation apps estimate your arrival time based on the posted speed limit - or your historical driving speed? .
Barbara Hammer Archive adds to Beinecke's collections of LGBTQ creativity https://t.co/OnU5B5sCqF .
"Serves on the Reference Desk…in order to obtain first-hand knowledge of the needs & problems of student & faculty… https://t.co/M9GhblGJFS .
Job opening: University Librarian, University of Hawai'i https://t.co/DSlC6MYmsI .
Including a short discussion of this @GaviaLib piece https://t.co/UjvQfLJlvv .
Thread on diversity "residency" programs, including some key avoidable problems. @jvinopal @SoulCitySigma https://t.co/IBT9ndHlhU .
Powerful and troubling. @MartinKurzweil @wpnick https://t.co/ewXQAqpT4u .
To improve diversity, talent, and culture, library leaders must first look inside their own organizations and pract… https://t.co/2Pq0jrIppX .
Job opening: Director, @metmuseum https://t.co/cx4ApQWYsk .
Finally, a way to waltz in to that place without feeling guilty about not paying anything for the suggested admission. jk. ‎· Stephen Francoeur ‎· 3
Chicago's municipal ID can also be used to pay public transit fares and to use the public library! https://t.co/avwRTTGKrG .
And I hear that they announced this to the press before they told the branch libraries! ‎· hedgielib ‎· 2
@hedgielib: Oh jeez. Nice one. ‎· Roger
Students are "abused" transferring credits from community colleges to bachelor's degrees @dougledIHE via @LexaLogue https://t.co/RyFRy0yxei .
Wonderful generosity from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation benefiting @nypl & all New Yorkers. @infodocket https://t.co/SF8CfzZJux .
Big news from @MellonFdn: Earl Lewis to step down as president https://t.co/eKxu9OwgCy https://t.co/h8CzYT3Goq .
Thrilled to see my recent @IthakasSR post on @OSFramework & research workflows appear in Portuguese on @RedeSciELO https://t.co/KYNzPUhHT2 .
Johnetta Cole to serve as @MellonFdn fellow, focusing on art museum diversity, accessibility, equity, & inclusion https://t.co/Gs99SlD0DN .
I wonder how librarian colleagues who so disliked Beall's List feel about such efforts being stopped by research mi… https://t.co/eeG2QQTBUP .
So, @Jeffrey_Beall took his List down due to a research misconduct care opened against him by his university. https://t.co/Twr9m3Q8wc .
It may well be that, absent further intervention, "diversity across the ranks of library employees is in fact in the process of falling." .
But, I'm not sure that diversity in LIS programs is our most significant barrier. My related reflections:… https://t.co/KdTgdkfSxp .
New today: overview of diversity & Inclusion programs and policies at @ARLnews libraries https://t.co/D2SadDdFZn https://t.co/NuCcOErPty .
For those academics who find this disturbing, I would ask, why do universities have demand for such services? https://t.co/KYWcHML0LH .
"Maybe we become New Yorkers the day we realize that New York will go on without us." Remembering 9/11 https://t.co/YIOQ0MCmYv .
Knowledge Unlatched begins providing its discoverability services for other OA books as well https://t.co/9GhhvciHPG .
Important new opening at the Center for Open Science ( @OSFramework ), helping them scale. https://t.co/3hTWG0YBnJ .