Huzzah! And, with that, the US tops their group at Copa America! Seattle, here we come. #COLvCRC .
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. OK, I should like probably get a jersey or shirt or something. My dad has one, I don't. ‎· Jennifer D.
You can blow that whistle any time, now, ref. #COLvCRC .
I realize most of you have been playing hard for 85+ minutes, but now is not the time to run out of gas, Costa Rica. #COLvCRC .
Now is the time to stall. ‎· Julian
Uh oh. Another Colombia own-goal. #COLvCRC .
Watching soccer on Univision brings me back to my childhood, when that's the only channel that carried them. We've come a long way #COLvCRC .
I think, even for the 94 World Cup in the US, very few of the matches were televised on English-language TV, so my brother & I spent hours watching the matches on Univision. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I think most of the games I saw in 94 were on Univision. ‎· John B.
Yep, same here. ‎· Jennifer D.
1 ad for @Sling says you can watch all Copa America matches life, but tonight's #COLvCRC match is the 2nd this week that's not available .
Only for those Sling customers that have the multistream beta that includes FS1. ‎· Julian
That's what I have, but the ECUvPER match on Wednesday wasn't on FS1 or Univision live. Fox threw the match to FS2 (which we don't get) in favor of a UFC show, and Univision was playing a soap opera or something. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I did find tonight's COLvCRC match on Univision, though, so it's just 1 match that they haven't made available live through Sling, but, still. ‎· Mr. Noodle