RT @DrJillStein: DNC colluded w/ corporate media to sabotage Bernie, elevate Trump, then present HRC as your only "realistic" choice. #DNCleak #PodestaEmails .
RT @DrJillStein: It's the height of privilege to win a primary rigged by your elite cronies, then act entitled to the votes of people you cheated. #DNCleak .
RT @litbrit: Dance like no one is looking; write emails like they'll be read aloud someday at a deposition. #DNCleak #dnchack #ColinPowell .
RT @wikileaks: Bernie Sanders Delegates drop this Wikileaks Banner as Hillary Clinton speaks #DNCinPHL #DNCLeak #FeelTheBern https://t.co/oVGkQIc4Qu .
RT @JordanChariton: New @wikileaks #DNCleak voicemails show the utter contempt for @BernieSanders among establishment #DNCinPHL https://t.co/CpMBtGkQGD .
RT @DrJillStein: Author of Slate hatchet job defends DNC for #DNCleak showing rigged system & collusion with media. But he's totally non-partisan, I'm sure. .
RT @litbrit: What an absolutely timely & timeless quote by C.S. Lewis. #DNCCorruption #DNCleak @ninaturner @NinaDontPlayMtG https://t.co/Z1dUlnhURs .
RT @wikileaks: Reactions to #DNCLeak are a good example of WikiLeaks theory of change (now ten years old): https://t.co/GdSzmesRzN .
RT @Yfiv3: Took me less than 10 minutes on @wikileaks to find Donna saying something discouraging about Bernie. #DNCleak https://t.co/Kwg316F5ML .
RT @wikileaks: Solid #DNCLeak reporting here by the Washington Post's @mateagold https://t.co/tDmO2vuQEi .
Of course, knowing MSNBC and CNN, we'll probably find out that DWS falling on her sword is all the Russians' fault. #DNCLeak .
The funniest thing about Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning is that now MSNBC and CNN have to cover #DNCLeak... .
RT @wikileaks: .@Facebook is blocking #DNCLeak email links. Monday is the Democratic National Convention https://t.co/BtfXrp03I0 .
RT @wikileaks: #DNCLeak: DNC knew of Clinton 'paid troll factory' fighting Sanders supporters https://t.co/qwCck0nGdH #FeelTheBern https://t.co/OAx6OyM6xn .
RT @wikileaks: #DNCLeak: Internal DNC research: Hillary has a problem with white women & poor whites https://t.co/KwfzxtHmeB https://t.co/Ojx9tP80Gt .
According to the handful of Clinton supporters I've talked to today. #DNCleak https://t.co/ddIfrUfX8F .
RT @ForAmerica: Mainstream media coverage of #DNCleak https://t.co/Hjl2MhMJ2T .
RT @ItzGeralyn: I've seen @cnn spend hours discussing just ONE of @realDonaldTrump Tweets. But #DNCLeak find radio silence? Very telling @cnn, very telling .