RT @Hank_Thompson: Bernie, don't put words in Hillary Clinton's mouth. That's her donors' job. #TYTLive #DemDebate .
RT @jimmy_dore: Hillary Clinton is always for regime change. So are we. Let’s start with the DNC. #DemDebate .
RT @lhfang: Hillary strongly supported single payer for yrs. Changed views after taking millions in health industry $ https://t.co/95YDBxIO4Z #demdebate .
RT @theintercept: Hillary Clinton made $2.8 million from 13 speeches to the health industry. https://t.co/vXV0tQysuE #DemDebate https://t.co/mpo0Wd7AgM .
RT @cenkuygur: Remember Hillary Clinton's supporters in 2008 were called PUMA. Party Unity My Ass. #DemDebate #TYTLive .
RT @DrJillStein: A night of impressive flip-flopping by @HillaryClinton, faster than the eye could see, on Social Security & the $15 minimum wage #DemDebate .
Am I the only one who noticed that neither the Panama Papers nor Hillary and de Basio's comedy skit got asked? #DemDebate .
RT @davidsirota: EXPOSED: Clinton & her State Dept repeatedly promoted coal development, contrary to her claims at #DemDebate tonite https://t.co/VX8DBSZQXd .
RT @KyleKulinski: New Yorkers voted for Hillary and she voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot act. I wouldn't call that "New York values". #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: Fantastic strategy for Bernie to unflinchingly and repeatedly hammer money in politics. It can't be said enough. #DemDebate .
Umm, Texas is part of the South, Hillary. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: Bernie was an independent because he thinks the Democrats are too weak & corporatist. Both things are unquestionably true. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: Party loyalty makes sense only insofar as the party doesn't abandon it's values. The party left Bernie he didn't leave the party. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: Hilariously stupid question. Bernie why don't you help other Democrats get legally bribed? #DemDebate .
Given that Hillary thinks that 12=15, I don't think we should trust her numbers on votes. #DemDebate .
RT @CharlesMBlow: Hillary still wear that Barack Obama full body suit. She KEEPS herself whipped and dipped in everything Obama… #DemDebate .
Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: The more Hillary talks, the more you're confused as to what her position is. The hallmark of a bullshitter. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: Hillary *did* want single-payer healthcare - then this happened - now she doesn't. #DemDebate https://t.co/x6W49Duz98 .
RT @JordanChariton: .@BernieSanders: "There comes a time when we will have to say Netanyahu is not always right" #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: The 'nothing is free' argument from Hillary is a classic, idiotic right-wing argument. #DemDebate .
RT @KyleKulinski: We get it Hillary, it's not "free" it's funded by our tax dollars. But we *want* that. #DemDebate https://t.co/Sy3PABqIOI .
RT @KyleKulinski: BERNIE WE CAN'T AFFORD HEALTHCARE AND COLLEGE. #DemDebate https://t.co/MF14hoU9TJ .
RT @KyleKulinski: BERNIE HOW CAN WE AFFORD HEALTHCARE WHERE DO WE GET THE MONEY?! #DemDebate https://t.co/DO7pjxpu0c .
RT @KyleKulinski: "Public colleges and universities tuition free? Damn right" - Bernie. #DemDebate .