RT @TheYoungTurks: .@MSNBC #DemTownHall | The Biggest Loser Was... https://t.co/2qX5BhqSqZ .
RT @jiadarola: Chris Matthew's literally said to Clinton "I think you're ready to be the Commander in Chief." #DemTownHall .
RT @AndyCole84: MSNBC going to re-air Hillary's town hall at 11pm ET and Sander's town hall at 1am ET. No bias there. #DemTownHall https://t.co/zw3VaLEf3Y .
Ugh. I need a shower or three after watching @hardball_chris. #DemTownHall .
RT @elVeganista: HRC full of shit. Hillary’s Best Bundlers Lobby For Big Pharma, Private Prisons https://t.co/DOn1ZknUqq #WhichHillary #DemTownHall #tytlive .
RT @KyleKulinski: According to Hillary, gun lobby money controls politics but Wall street money? Ineffectual. #DemTownHall .
It's a bloody shame when @BretBaier does a better job of moderating a town hall than either @chucktodd or @hardball_chris. #DemTownHall .
Kudos, @chucktodd; you're not the worst interviewer tonight. @hardball_chris won that award for the night and the year. #DemTownHall .
@jiadarola She voted for the war. What else needs to be said? #DemTownHall .
RT @KyleKulinski: Matthews just called Goldwater an attractive candidate. Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act. #DemTownHall .
RT @Memenaar: WOW I take back anything nice I said about Matthews. The framing on that Goldwater question was hideous. #TYTLive #DemTownHall .
RT @KyleKulinski: These personal stories from Hillary will really help the factory workers who lost their jobs from NAFTA. #DemTownHall .
RT @KyleKulinski: Hillary advocated for TPP 45 times. #DemTownHall https://t.co/JVhmY3sGFI .
RT @KyleKulinski: If Hillary was just waiting to know what was in TPP before opposing, why did she advocate for it when she didn't know? #DemTownHall .
RT @KyleKulinski: Hillary: I'm not a hawk, I'm a "smart power advocate" -- Orwell would be proud of this framing! #DemTownHall .
RT @KyleKulinski: A "mistake" is leaving your waffles in the toaster too long, Iraq was an illegal war. #DemTownHall .
RT @AlexBerish: Hillary's Town Hall questions.. literally getting "audience questions" from the goddamn mayor of the city. Shameful bias. #DemTownHall .
RT @ClosetPan: #DemTownHall Honduras Coup fault in @HillaryClinton book Hard Choices. Just take passage out. Nobody will care https://t.co/TqQ3NnssH9 .
RT @PoliticsEddie: #DemTownHall @HillaryClinton, when in doubt: https://t.co/21G8Vu1cKP .
I'm starting to believe that the people in background are a green screen effect. #DemTownHall #TYTLive .
RT @jiadarola: Chris Matthews forgot about the "town hall" portion of this town hall. #DemTownHall .
Apparently, this "town hall" was in a town of only two people. #DemTownHall #TYTLive .
RT @KyleKulinski: Time for Chris Matthews to tell Hillary her farts smell precious. #DemTownHall .