RT @Ed_Samaniego: "I did not imply that 3 year old children who seek refuge should be sent back to their deaths." #HistoryByHillary https://t.co/qHkinoBkNY .
RT @AbdiJMusse: "let us honor the cops in 1960 that recognized the thirst and provided water to black people." #HistoryByHillary https://t.co/AGUKAO16HS .
RT @RaceBaitR: #HistoryByHillary thank you to the KKK who were integral to the success of the civil rights movement .
RT @RaceBaitR: #HistoryByHillary today we honor J Edgar Hoover, the most ardent supporter of MLK Jr. .
RT @NinaDontPlayMtG: "We've had our differences, but one can't deny Osama Bin Laden's contributions in the field of airplane & airport safety" #HistoryByHillary .
RT @andrew_nunez: #HistorybyHillary I'd like to thank Hurricane Katrina for sparking a conversation around infrastructure in black communities .
RT @RaceBaitR: #HistoryByHillary I'd like to thank the FBI for upholding the values of the Black Panther Movement and risking their lives to protect them .
RT @RaceBaitR: #HistoryByHillary let's honor the countless European settlers who fought the Revolutionary War to protect Native Americans from colonialism .
RT @alyssaroyse: "It's great how the Pilgrims were able to start a conversation about the need for a Small Pox vaccine." #HistoryByHillary .
RT @RaceBaitR: #HistoryByHillary "I would like to salute mayor Emmanuel for being the only one brave enough to tackle police brutality" .
RT @eli_kean: #HistorybyHillary "I think it's important to thank the settlers of Jamestown for starting a national conversation on slavery!" .
RT @Opal_boulder: "Donald Trump was a low key supporter of racial equality. He started a national conversation abt Muslims in America." #HistoryByHillary .
RT @NinaDontPlayMtG: "in this sad time, it's important to remember that Dr Himmler started an international conversation on race and health" #HistoryByHillary .
RT @thalprice: #HistoryByHillary: I'd like to thank Adolf Hitler for starting a national conversation on antisemitism .