I'm up way past my bed time, but I couldn't look away. #USAvECU .
USA! USA! USA! Thank goodness that whistle finally blew. I'm not sure we'd have made it another 5 minutes. #USAvECU .
At this point, even if the US wins, I'd be extremely nervous about the prospect of playing ARG or VEN. #USAvECU .
I'd say that I kind of hope we'd face VEN instead of ARG, but, that would also mean that they'd beaten BRA and ARG before they'd gotten to us, so that's not a good sign, either. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Oh good. Guzan can make an effort to get to the ball. I was starting to wonder. #USAvECU
RT @dylanw: It’s like the US can’t remember how to play the Park The Bus style they played in the pre-Klinsmann years. #USAvECU .
They just briefly showed Teddy Roosevelt again! #USAvECU .
I could see his hat from our seats :) ‎· Jennifer D.
"Pretty unsportsmanlike there; probably lucky not to get a yellow card." Which player, though? The one that seems to have shoved the ball in the guy's stomach, or the one that fell down because the ball was handed to him in his stomach? #USAvECU
Guzan is making me very nervous. I realize these last 2 shots have been off-frame, but not by much, & he seems to be relying on it #USAvECU .
"...with this much time left in the game." Not to mention the momentum now being on your side. :( #USAvECU .
And, we're back to a 1-goal match again. Crap. #USAvECU .
Is the US going to have any players eligible to play in the next match if we win? Do we need to have try-outs? #USAvECU .
Thank goodness. I was sure he was about to grab that ball outside the box. #USAvECU .
Thank goodness. That should give the US a little breathing room, but they need to keep the pressure on. #USAvECU .
Still 30 mins left, & this 2nd half is already starting to look like the last 5 minutes of the 1st half. Need to get control again #USAvECU .
Can't help but wonder if he would have successfully saved that if the whistle hadn't been blown. #USAvECU
So, no Jones & no Wood next match (if we make it that far)? That's going to be really bad. You can't let your emotions get to you. #USAvECU .
OMG! Did Jones just get red-carded? That's going to hurt. #USAvECU .
Holy cow. How can it already be half time? Feels like the match just started. #USAvECU .
Gracious. Thank goodness for that offside call. I wasn't sure the barrage was ever going to end. #USAvECU .
Crucial block. #USAvECU .
Whoa. Teddy Roosevelt is in the stands at the match. #USAvECU .
They showed a guy that appeared to be dressed just like this: http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/2006_Night_at_the_Museum/006NT... ‎· Mr. Noodle
Guzan is a dead-ringer for the father of Thing 2's ex-girlfriend. It's a little creepy. #USAvECU
Please don't let Wood be injured; please don't let Wood be injured; please, please, please. #USAvECU .
You don't use your elbows in soccer, anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #USAvECU .