Such important conversations abt inclusion & equity at #arlcarl16 - at @IthakaSR we're doing some related research .
Since Canada thinks differently abt free speech vs the US, I wonder if the harmful/free balance is easier to find in Canada. #arlcarl16 .
White privilege, straight privilege, able-bodied privilege. Can't change some but almost everyone will one day be disabled. #arlcarl16 .
Advice from Lund about how to engage is social justice #arlcarl16 .
I like the concept also. The idea that I have an ongoing willingness to learn from others about them. #arlcarl16 .
Darren Lund starts talk about social justice and privilege with great questions for us all to consider. #arlcarl16 .
Shore: Could there be a cost reduction index (instead of an investment index)? Could there be a collaboration index? #arlcarl16 .
On measuring value from Elliott Shore #arlcarl16 .
Brazier talks about both intrinsic value & also the growing value @britishlibrary returns to the economy #arlcarl16 .
Caroline Brazier on new @britishlibrary approach to public value - not technocratic/quantitative #arlcarl16 .
I really like trying to foster "open workflows". Opportunity for incremental steps away from businesses that rely on lock-in. #arlcarl16 .
Are @ARLnews @carlabrc libraries supporting @OSFramework as an alternative to efforts to commercialize research workflows? #arlcarl16 .
"We want to meet users where they are....And then encourage them to be more open." Much better vs mocking unwillingness to share. #arlcarl16 .
"Openness fosters innovation, meta-scholarship, and inclusivity…Innovation is completely stifled in literature discovery." #arlcarl16 .
Here are the sources of @SHARE_research data - @datacite being most significant #arlcarl16 .
The fast growth of @SHARE_research - Now contains data from >100 content providers and >6 million records. #arlcarl16 .
The perception that libraries are finally joining the research data management imperative. #arlcarl16 .
"Researchers would rather share their toothbrush than their data" #arlcarl16 .
Not sure what it means to invoke history of copyright deposit - one print geographically constrained copy means what for OA? #arlcarl16 .
My view: healthy to acknowledge that many libraries do not actually practice the "librarian values" that are said to be universal #arlcarl16 .
Willinsky: We have OA accepted as an idea. More than 50% of literature is open, albeit mostly using illicit models. #arlcarl16 .
Smith: If authors bore cost of publishing out of pocket, we'd have a chance at a functioning market. But not a perfect scenario! #ARLCARL16 .
Journal value highly concentrated: Of 50K Université de Montréal subscriptions, researchers mention only 8K as important to them. #ARLCARL16 .
Do publishers typically offer prices in USD, EUR, and GBP? Why not CAD also? #ARLCARL16 .
Of interest #ARLCARL16 - new @DeannaMarcum1 paper: Due Diligence & Stewardship @IthakaSR .