Hey @pong and @scottspriggs have you guys seen @wpcampusorg? Definitely something I think would appeal to you guys. #ccawva .
"Isn't it funny what we learn when we all get together and talk once in a while." #ccawva #crisiscommunication .
Make sure you know your crisis communication partners; don't wait until a crisis arises before introducing yourself. #ccawva .
What's the acronym? ‎· Halil
It's the College Communicators Association (of Virginia and DC) conference in West Virginia. ‎· Mr. Noodle
are you a college communicator? I librarian with students who are going to be communicators (some of 'em). ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
I'm in charge of the website at a university. We fall within the university relations (PR and Communications) office. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I know lots of your kind, Mr. Noodle. :-) ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
A little disappointed that #ccawva used Martinelli's sparkling cider, rather than going with local favorite Alpenglow. .
The conference was being held in Charles Town, WV. They served Martinelli's sparkling cider (made in California) rather than serving Alpenglow (made 25 miles away from Charles Town in a town called Linden, VA). ‎· Mr. Noodle
.@GWjonlhussey & team are using Snapchat for crisis comm a lot; also try to use storyboarded stories more than one-offs. #ccawva .
Last year, @GWjonlhussey and his team pushed out 130 videos for #GWU. #ccawva .
#GWU is using a vendor called CaptionSync to provide captions for most of their video content. #a11y #ccawva .
#GWU is using geofencing to pull in relevant information from Instagram and other social networks. #ccawva .
"Student stories are the embodiment of your brand message." #ccawva #GWU .
#GWU is also using Trello to curate social media posts. #ccawva .
I love Trello! ‎· April
Always ask for permission and give attribution when using someone else's content (including stock assets). #ccawva .
Make sure you understand & talk to your intended audience on each social network; some can be less serious than others. #ccawva .
Social monitoring helps "find moments you would miss; Look for experiences that could happen nowhere else; unearth genuine stories." #ccawva .
#GWU is starting to use #IFTTT to monitor social mentions; particularly on Instagram currently. #ccawva .
"Tweetdeck is generally where I spot a crisis before it becomes a crisis." #ccawva @GWjonlhussey .
"We are all in a customer service role. Millenials expect all brands to respond to them." #ccawva @GWjonlhussey .
Results 6 months after Roanoke's web "transformation". Increase in apps, time on site, pages; lower bounce #ccawva https://t.co/Yciyd362Cm .
Empowerment by president/buy-in from leadership is critical to web projects. #ccawva .
"Not everyone comes through the home page..." Amen. #ccawva .
Roanoke switched from department pages to individual program pages. Rewrote content to match voice. Did social research to build #ccawva .
Roanoke chose Ingeniux as their CMS. Vendor also recommended Adobe CMS. #ccawva .
Mandate from Roanoke president: "I want to RUN forward, not lean forward!" #ccawva https://t.co/J9v0HXCYj8 .
"Content must be transparent; show don't tell" Content must look & feel real, unscripted. No canned/forced content. #ccawva .
If everything's important, nothing's important. Focus on prospects on top-level site; give other audiences their own focused sites #ccawva .
For Roanoke's students, finding, pursuing and building a passion was more important than income. #ccawva .