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Какой скриннейм ни возьми, про него найдётся милая песня на Ютубе: Swaul Pope — Cheddar Moon Uooɯ ɹɐppǝɥɔ:


#мумузыка, #swaulpope, 22 просмотра.

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Comment, David Clifton, #davidclifton) — какое симпатичное название, скорей, для книжки Давенпорта. The title of the album was inspired whilst waiting at traffic lights, watching skateboarders adapting their skills within the open basement of a rather ugly, brutal architectural heap. A structure somewhat like the residential buildings that so often divide rather than create community and causing more problems than they were originally intended to solve. The noisy youthful creativity was both amusing and thought provoking. It set me thinking about purpose. How we adapt to environment, and the unintended consequences experienced in so many areas of life. <...> So many architectural forms, ideas and technologies have had their original design purposes usurped, either for good or bad. An obvious train of thought perhaps, which inspired a little thankfulness for the good things that unintentionally come our way from time to time.

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