[SPFpod094] spiel:feld Podcast 094 - Quadrant Soundscape-Late Night Alien Transmission #mdiscovery https://soundcloud.com/spielfeld/spfpod094_quadrant-soundscape
Fingers in the Noise - "Abstract Journey (Live Mix)" #mdiscovery
"The Wildflower's Song (new version)" from "Wounds & Scars (Rare and Previously Unreleased Songs)" by In Ruin https://in-ruin.bandcamp.com/album/wounds-scars-rare-and-prev... #mdiscovery
Martin Nonstatic "Ambient Live-Act @Klang Und Raum --Cologne 28.10.17--" #mdiscovery
Ох вот эта прямо очень ‎· elenius
"Equator" by O Yuki Conjugate #mdiscovery
Sevdaliza "Marilyn Monroe" (Children of Silk EP) https://soundcloud.com/sevdaliza/sets/children-of-silk #mdiscovery
"Ligand" by Martin Nonstatic #mdiscovery
кому там поработать надо было? Ken Ishii Live @ Shockers 05/05/2001 #mdiscovery
"Witney in October" by Stanislav Lvovsky #mdiscovery
Semiomime - "Close Ones" #mdiscovery
"The Other Side of Reality" by Huron][ #mdiscovery
Huron - "Inside Information" (MTR023) by Mindtrick Records #mdiscovery
"Arrivals and departures" by Stanislav Lvovsky #mdiscovery (NB! Binaural. Earphones only)
https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/ #mdiscovery тут-то мне фишка и попёрла!
Selected tracks from Bad Sector's albums, 1995-2016. #mdiscovery
Александр Салоид, "Vesti News Music" #mdiscovery
Кажется это называется "gray music", по аналогии с "gray literature". Из странной вики мы узнаем, что любимый лейбл Салоида — Ultimae, бггг. ‎· псы в рапиде ‎· 2
"[ Morpheus | live Nuit Hypnotique #4 ]" by SCANN-TEC #mdiscovery
"Pollen" by AES DANA (via ultimae). #mdiscovery
Higher Intelligence Agency & Pete Namlook - "S.H.A.D.O." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miU7sAvWxy4 #mdiscovery
А это я не с тобой их шарила когда-то там? ‎· elenius
Anyways, охуенный трек! ‎· elenius
Вы будете смеяться, но Higher Intelligence Agency & Pete Namlook - "S.H.A.D.O. 2" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6JDmCyABds ‎· псы в рапиде
"Freefloater" by Higher Intelligence Agency #mdiscovery