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#sinceFFdied I have spent way too much time on Facebook. I bought an iPhone and said goodbye to Android. I have been consistently lifting weights and really enjoying it. (Though I'm not seeing dramatic changes in my body composition, my t-shirt sleeves are a little tight now.) Um. And things. Things have been happening.
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#sinceFFdied I've gotten married (Oct of 2015), watched my son navigate to his junior year of college and then discover that we are taking courses that are similar enough (my Instructional Design courses in my MLS hunt and his music education courses) that we can talk school on a whole new level. I'm 2 semesters from finishing my MLS and still in the same old job with the same old dogs and in the same old apartment (though we are looking for a house!).
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#sinceFFdied the big news is Sarah and Bobby (@bmull74 if you're curious) will be married in June 2017 in STL. More as it occurs to me...
Jojo is playing Frisbee at Mizzou and talks like he's finally doing his work. The words 'grad school' have emanated from his lips. ‎· marybaum
I have a few repos on Github that are not just sample files from WordCamp talks. And if you know anyone in the area, we are starting an Antelope Valley WordPress Meetup. ‎· marybaum
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#sinceFFdied تو وبلاگم نوشتم
Comment ‎· ابرشلوارپوش
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من مووْعان كردم. #sinceFFdied
ديگه چسناله عاشقانه ندارم براتون :)) ‎· Farzaaneh
پسرا.. پسرا ‎· Farzaaneh
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من بعد از فرفر بیشتر تهران بودم و مشغول کار. توی این مدت به فرفر وفادار موندم و در هیچ شبکه‌ای فعال نبودم (البته در فرفر خدابیامرز هم نبودم). از بچه‌های فرفر هم در تهران وانا و مائده رو دیدم. #sinceFFdied
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کسب و کار جدید راه انداختم ، به گلدوزها مشاوره میدم ، مواد اولیه میدم ، ماشین خریدم ، دوران خوش تری با یار سپری میکنم و روزگار وفق مراده ، چندتایی آشنا و دوست نزدیک از دست دادم که باعث شد هر شب هر شب به مرگ فکر کنم #sinceFFdied
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:\سیگار لعنتی #sinceFFdied
معتاد شدی :0 ‎· Mamad
اتفاقا خیلی تفاوت داره، بعنوان کسی که در مقاطع مختلف ارتباطش با سیگار متفاوت بوده عرض میکنم. ‎· alimgn
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#SinceFFDied absolutely nothing happened
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ریشم رو تراشیدم، خونه خریدم، با کلی آدم تازه آشنا شدم، کلی فیلم و سریال دیدم، یک عالمه سفر کاری رفتم، تعداد متنابعی استارتاپ رو از نزدیک جوریدم #sinceFFdied
بالا تو مسئول تگ های مکان شدی؟ مبارکه ‎· آرزو
بسلامتی ‎· mousaviam2
این ریش رو زدی ما رو راحت کردی :)) خیلی بهتر شد. اصلا انگیزه تماشای کلیک و نوبت شما و اینا بالاتر رفت :))) ‎· M∂s♥ud
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بی فرفری منو کچل کرده (اشاره به کله کچل با دست) :دی #پسافرفر
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در دوران پسافرفر، توی کارم خیلی پیشرفت کردم، حقوقم دو برابر شد، مهرسا دوسالش شد، خونه خریدم، غم نبودن فرفر هم بسیار سنگین بود حتی زمانی که این اواخر توی توییتر اطرافم خیلی شلوغ شد
. ‎· نومیا
ندا :)) ‎· نومیا
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Well then! #sinceFFdied, not too much in the last nine months has changed. Still at TiVo, still in Sunnyvale. Got back from Hawaii, took the kids to Summer camp, and Maker Faire; they're 8 and 10 now. Broke up with Mara, started going out with Minda, still not divorced, still have fifty percent custody. Ran my first half marathon. Ran the Santa Run for the fourth time (fifth place in my age group!). Lost more hair. Went dancing a few times. Fantastic burn in very strong winds, officiated a playa wedding in our camp. Later tried to go skydiving but the weather didn't cooperate.

What else? Didn't see Joey nearly enough at the burn. Met Derrick though! [EDIT: I don't mean that I met Derrick at Burning Man -- unclear writing, sorry!] ‎· Stephen Mack
It was! ‎· Stephen Mack
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That reminds me... #sinceFFdied I built my own home router. Nothing too special; it runs Debian. It was quite fun getting it to properly work with Comcast's native IPv6.
That's pretty neat. And reminds me I still need to finish setting up my CNC machine's Raspberry PI so I can send carving files wirelessly. Not near as complicated, but some fun geekery. ‎· SAM
That's pretty cool. ‎· John B.
Way too many spare CPU cycles and unused memory, though. I really should add IPS to this thing already, since I did build the router with it in mind as a capability. ‎· Julian
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#sinceFFdied "sono andato a letto presto"
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یکی از اتفاقای مهم این چند وقت به رسمیت شناختن این حرکت من و ساخت اسمایلیش و ورودش به عرصه ی جهانی بوده:))) ‎· حاجیه خانوم فلفل سادات
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Ma er matto che dice che, #sinceffdied, ha letto 466 libri?
tutti de vespa, tra l'altro ‎· toracigno
en passant ho appena visto la pubblicità della nuova edizione di Per un pugno di libri dove la Cucciari chiede a Dorfles se davvero ha letto 3-400 libri in 6 mesi come sostiene. E gnente, la cosa importante in realtà è che torna per un pugno di libri il sabato alle 18.10 ‎· ironicmokum
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#sinceFFdied کابوس زندگیم ده هفته پیش اتفاق افتاد و امید قشنگم رفت. دنیایی که رو سرم خراب شد هیچوقت درست نمیشه. هیچوقت داغش تموم نمیشه،هیچوقت تسکینی نیست، آرامشی نیست....
خدا بهت صبر بده. ما که جای تو نیستیم و زیاد نمی‌تونیم درک کنیم شرایط رو ولی دعا می‌کنیم خدا هرچه زودتر به دلت آرامش بده. روح امید هم شاد شه ‎· وحید معمولی
:( ‎· Mahdieh
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#sinceffdied Mi sono iscritto a tutti i social per cercare di trovare qualcosa di vagamente simile. Poi ho smesso. Più o meno da quando ho trovato Mokum. :) --- I have joined all the social to try to find something of vaguely similar one. Then I have stopped. More or less when I have found Mokum. :)
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منم نسبت به اون وقتی که فرفر بسته شده فقط حدود 20 کیلو چاق شدم
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#sinceFFdied رفاقت‌هامون خیلی محکم‌تر از زمان فرندفید شد حتی
حیف که ما نبودیم :( ‎· Bahar
آره خیلی جاتون خالی بود ‎· MohammadAli
Ne guzel kadin ‎· hia
هاهاها منه خوشحالو :))) ‎· Nika
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#sinceFFdied turned my dissertation in and will be defending Tuesday, work is pretty uneven with us all thinking we'll be laid off so they can hire more "data scientists", Mr & Ms 3 are almost 4 (March) and are rowdy as ever... missed you all like crazy even though I do like slack
Do we have a Slack channel? ‎· marybaum
Congrats! ‎· jsholman
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#sinceFFdied I'm still me. A little rounder, a little more grey, a little more deaf, and a lot more ensconced on San Antonio. I've managed to stay in the same place for six years, which is a record for me. Thinking of getting a pet soon.
That sounds like me in Atlanta: since I left college, I've never lived anywhere this long. And I'm thinking a pet too. :) ‎· ellbeecee
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#sinceFFdied I haven't done much, really. I moved (again), because my last roommate had been living on the couch outside my bedroom door for 2 months. I submitted my tenure portfolio (it turns out that this is not very hard to do). I won't hear back til August. I'm going to Iceland in February!
Oh, I also taught my first online course. Reference and Info Services. It was a very interesting experience, especially having done my own MLS online. Plus, two of my students were farmers! ‎· Meg Vmeg
Going to Iceland and training for a half? That's pretty exciting, Meg! ‎· Jenny H.
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#sinceFFdied I've gotten a piece published in The Rumpus and an op-ed published in the Des Moines Register. #babyx will be four next Friday (FOUR!), and this summer, we're building an addition on my house and my mom is selling her house and moving in with us. So it looks like we're here in Iowa for the long haul.
Oh, and I have a lot more white hair. I'm trying to get a Susan Sontag streak going. ‎· laura x
Yes, he needs a new tag! ‎· laura x
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