RT @WesClarkjr: Evil Defined. Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show #tytlive https://t.co/IG9IYeEU43 .
RT @WesClarkjr: Leaked documents reveal counterterrorism tactics at Standing Rock #NoDAPL #tytlive https://t.co/fQz3e27rVV .
RT @WesClarkjr: It's not like we're a democracy and have the right to know or anything. #tytlive https://t.co/AhhUFuA6fv .
RT @WesClarkjr: One of the most famous global warming scientists says climate change is becoming more extreme #tytlive #NoKXL https://t.co/W6ZqP3nzpH .
RT @WesClarkjr: Scientists categorize Earth as a 'toxic planet' #tytlive https://t.co/bpJaYtTYYd via @physorg_com .
RT @WesClarkjr: Steve Bannon’s Long Love Affair With War. This fool will get us all killed. #tytlive #NoDAPL https://t.co/RVZlcFF4Qe via @thedailybeast .
RT @WesClarkjr: "joining a community" should not mean grabbing 700 acres, putting up a wall and suing said community #tytlive https://t.co/aJ8cU3WwR4 .
RT @WesClarkjr: 630 of America's biggest companies are pleading with Trump to give up his climate change denial #tytlive https://t.co/vy15kvmgNU .
RT @stevenoh88: Obama will never pardon Snowden. He'd rather pardon Cheney & neocons even if they confessed to lying about Iraq. @jimmy_dore #TYTlive .
The bosses don't have to listen to the janitors, Cenk. #tytlive .
So, basically, the DNC made Bernie and Liz the custodial staff. That way, when the stink remains, the progressives take the fall. #tytlive .
The Dems are 1-3 in nominees since 2000. Clearly, they need a new front office. #tytlive #sportsanalogy .
RT @stevenoh88: If Trump wins, no one better fucking blame 3rd party voters! The blame is squarely on DNC for screwing Bernie. #ElectionNight #TYTLive .
@johniadarola Are you seriously lamenting that Wikileaks isn't doing what every other media outlet is doing? #tytlive .
Leading in again with "sorry/not sorry about the Trump stories"? Well, there always Democracy Now. #tytlive .
RT @TheYoungTurks: On #TYTlive: Bees were added to the endangered list for the first time. https://t.co/pxNzrsFBER .
To quote a well-known musical: "The bridge is crossed. Now stand and watch it burn." #DemsInPhilly #tytlive .
Hey, Cenk! Did someone steal all the clocks at TYT? Last I checked, there are only 60 mins in an hour, not 100. #tytlive .
RT @JordanChariton: TYT Fans Take On Corporate Media's @BernieSanders Coverage #FeeltheBern #tytlive #BernieorBust https://t.co/vlBKUXnvh1 .
@TYTNetwork Refresh the post game page, please. #tytlive .
RT @Hank_Thompson: Bernie, don't put words in Hillary Clinton's mouth. That's her donors' job. #TYTLive #DemDebate .
RT @cenkuygur: Remember Hillary Clinton's supporters in 2008 were called PUMA. Party Unity My Ass. #DemDebate #TYTLive .
RT @JordanChariton: Marquette students waiting 1.5 hours already 2 vote and still not close to front of line #WisconsinPrimary #tytlive https://t.co/cN4cG2aLbu .
God, this is so boring right now. Wake me up when Bernie starts. #tytlive .
@AnaKasparian I think more are going to be turned off by the hack job done by @chucktodd & @hardball_chris than by any responses. #tytlive .