A Requiem for Umberto: it was many years ago, I was a teenager who never had enough books, loved history and its mysteries, by a lucky recommendation, I went and bought Baudolino, which funnily enough is not considered Eco's best work and is not as talked about as Name of the Rose or Foucault's Pendulum, always impatient, I started to read the newly bought book on the bus, and started laughing out loud, it was love at first sight, it didn't take me long to finish the book and I realized I have found a contemporary Author that I love. (again that is uncommon for me, I usually dedicate most of my reading time to classics rather than contemporaries). Eco kept on delivering new awesome books, poured mysteries and entertained our brains with his sphere of sophisticated dilemmas of what would somebody do in certain pivotal points of history, and showing us what is wrong with us individually and collectively as governments. it was truly a sad day for me when I read that my most beloved contemporary author had passed away, I was always glad that every few years a new Eco book would be out to enchant me, alas that is to happen, NEVERMORE.
May he rest in peace, I was recommending his books to a friend when I went and checked on his page in Goodreads and saw that they used past tense for him :(, my heart is broken ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?