@sinceFFdied Sadie (pup of 15yrs), Grandma and Al's dad all passed. Acquired two new stellar pups, Waffle and Ruth. Married some friends. Went to Florida for 3 weeks. Had an epic snowshoe adventure (not in Florida). Crossed the 3yr mark with HKW. Have been playing with a 3D printer and a new CNC machine. Provided design direction for a 6 story historical building in downtown Spokane. Ate a lot of butter/carb centric home cooking.
You have really stepped up your cooking game, SAM. Don't think I haven't been paying attention. ;) ‎· Jenny H.
I heart food, Jenny. SOooo much. ‎· SAM
You and me both, man. I was just thinking today that I wished I could have <insert female athlete>'s body with Ina Garten's diet. ‎· Jenny H.
I dig. Metabolism ain't what it used to be. I'm lucky I get to stretch my carbs out on a 6'3" frame. The holiday 10 is a pretty thin layer when distributed out enough. :) ‎· SAM
Eating is a small, good thing. in a time like this. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon