Do you have the television on in your house the majority of your waking hours?
As part of my cord cutting, I've been trying not to. It's a lot quieter! Has made me realize how infrequently I listen to music any more. ‎· Rudibrarian
usually just the evenings, sometimes more on the weekend. ‎· holly
I've got tinnitus so silence doesn't agree with me. It certainly helps me not notice it if there's some background noise I can let wash over the hiss and the TV does a good job of that. ‎· Mark H
Pretty much, yes. ‎· Julian
Mark, my dad has tinnitus. It's a bugger, sorry hear that. :\ (See what I did there?) How'd yours come about if you don't mind me asking? ‎· SAM
Hardly ever, but recently I've been enjoying the virtual fireplace in the evenings. :) ‎· Jenny H.
Never, without intending not to have it on. It just never occurred to me. Maybe I need silence because my mind feels so noisy. ‎· maitani
I've no idea. I can't remember having it in my youth or even at university but became aware of it possibly from my mid-20s onwards. Can't pinpoint it to any event or general behaviour. ‎· Mark H
Al and I never have it on unless we're watching something together intentionally. When I stayed with the folks down in Florida for 3 weeks in December, they pretty much always had it on inside the house. It's strange how much of an intrusion it feels to me now. Not only is the content just *ugh* these days for the most part, but I really hate what it does to my attention and sense of peace. ‎· SAM
Mark, weird! My dad fell playing tennis and busted his mellon open. Definite trigger. ‎· SAM
Yup. When there’s no football on, our TV pretends it's a fireplace. ‎· Eivind
No, not much at all. ‎· John B.
no. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Nope. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
No, I rarely ever watch TV, so it's only on when my husband gets home from work. ‎· April
Yes, although it's not my preference. ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
Never, unless we're watching something (we don't have TV reception or cable). Before I had a kid, I never had it on at all. Now we have probably a couple hours a day of kids' shows on Netflix. ‎· laura x
Sometimes. I usually don't have it on unless I'm really watching something, but I'll sometimes have sports on (but muted) while I read so I can easily glance up to see the score or to watch short bits of the game. ‎· k8s
A few times a day we'll have PBS or the local radar feed on. That's it. All of my wife's young media-obsessed co-workers think that we're insane. ‎· Smooth Young Priest
Yes. ‎· Eric B
Husband yes, me never. ‎· jltrdms-Janet
Nope, only sometimes in the mornings for the Today Show, if I have time. ‎· Meg Vmeg
Nope. I often have NPR playing on radio though. ‎· MJepsen
I like background noise. So sometimes that's music or NPR talk, and sometimes it's tv (some sports, PBS, cooking and gardening shows). Depends on what else i'm doing and what i'm in the mood for. ‎· Kirsten
That would drive me crazy, personally. ‎· Bigstarlet
It drives me crazy in waiting rooms. ‎· marybaum
I don't own one anymore. My mom's is on a lot of the evening. And during sportsball season the males here have them on pretty constantly, even while cooking in the kitchen. Like Mary, I hate them in waiting rooms (and bars and gyms and restaurants). ‎· Spidra Webster
Nope, haven't watched much tv in years. ‎· ronin