I dig this space. #whereilive
I suspect bias. :) ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
CAJ, indeed. :) ‎· SAM
I should have added that it looks quite nice. I'd love to see a picture take from the kitchen end looking out as well. Very clean and comfortable looking. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Perhaps one day... when it's clean. This is not the weekend for that. We're lounging pretty hard core. :) ‎· SAM
Its very homey, my homey.I even espy the couch where I will imbibe malt beverages #oneday. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
I've missed ya, Barry. Have not seen near enough of you lately. I'm still very interested in those beverages we continue to threaten each other with. One of these days, homie. ‎· SAM
If there is home brewing involved, it might literally be a threat. :D ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
zengin evi ‎· ren
Can I get a translation on aisle 3 please? Translation, aisle 3. ‎· SAM
Ah... Turkish for "rich home". Indeed I feel it is. Small compared to most US standards at ~1,000 sqft, but it feels like a castle to us. ‎· SAM
Love. ‎· laura x
so dreamy ‎· t-ra
I have long coveted your beautiful bookshelves... and the table.... and well... the whole darn lot :-) ‎· heleninstitches
gavurun evine bak arkadaş (eng: your house is very nice) ‎· yavuz hırsız
@yavuzhirsiz ehudehuehu ‎· cicürgız
Thank you, @yavuzhirsiz! ‎· SAM
Love the slanty roof! I've always wanted a room with a slanty roof. ‎· Meg Vmeg