IRONY: If GOP wins POTUS election, we might need a rebellion. But it's the GOP supporters with the guns and penchant for armed conflict. .
Oh I dunno, I still don't think Trump has the legs for a general election. My Wild 2016 Prediction: If he continues to win, Trump does a "Palin" and pulls out of the race "to do some real good for the country", either at the convention or right after the general starts. Again, assuming he continues to win. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
He will win then secede from himself, so he can still be the Big Outsider. Civil War II will basically be Trump's personalities fighting it out. ‎· Pete Smith
I'm very curious what conversations look like between him and the RNC. I bet if he's still in the lead at the convention they'll give him some pretty unique exit strategies cause they'll have no idea how to convince crazy to do anything. ‎· SAM
Well, I didn't think California would elect Schwarzenegger as governor, either... ‎· rachelw
Good point, Rachel. Anything can happen. But I'm not convinced of a Trump candidacy yet. Let alone a Trump presidency. Wife, on the other hand, is preparing emigration documents for Canada. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
If Trump makes it to the White House, you're all invited to move to Canada with me to live with the Canadian side of my dad's family. They live just outside Victoria and they make their own sausage and cheese. ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
Trump in the White House is probably the only thing that could make me want to brave the deadly spiders (and other stuff) and move to AU (where I already have a job). ‎· April