Who is this mythical internet user that still requires a "home" button!? SHUT UP GRANDMA! .
In the context of browsers? I use the home button a lot. ‎- John B.
Same. ‎- Jennifer D.
Yep. ‎- bentley
I use it. It's faster than typing sometimes. ‎- k8s
I always forget it's there... ‎- heleninstitches
o/ ‎- yespa
Are you talking about the "Home" link in main website navigation, or are you talking about the Home button in browsers? I use Chrome, so I didn't even realize browsers still had "home" buttons until some of the comments showed up on this post. Regarding the "home" link on a website, you could always do some A/B testing to see if people need it. ‎- Mr. Noodle
Too many websites make it soooo impossible to gt back to start/home page. ‎- hedgielib
Browser button? Apparently I am mythical! ‎- lris
I had to click it to remember what it did. ‎- Ken Morley
Mine loads my router's page, so I can restart it without going into the other room. ‎- April
I use it on the intranet. I don't ever use it on the world wide one :) ‎- Eivind
home is where the heart is. ‎- Haukr
@hedgielib That's a common frustration of mine as well. @haukr +1 ‎- John B.
Hey April, that's a great idea! ‎- Ken Morley
When you have to restart it as often as I do, you need that handy. ‎- April
I was thinking about in website navigation -- totally forgot browsers even had a home button. We add it in for sites if there's a good reason or the logo is not in a traditional spot. I agree that many sites don't make it easy to navigate home, which is bad. But if your site has a logo in the upper left hand corner... I'm of the opinion, that should link to the home page and a home button should not be necessary. ‎- SAM