Quickie shaksuka. .
liked on every damn social network. because shakshuka. ‎· holly
Totally made this for brunch today because of this post :D ‎· Jennifer D.
I thought that variation, tomato soup/egg dish recipe you posted looked interesting, Holly. ‎· SAM
How'd yours turnout, Jennifer? This was actually a first for me and I can see us doing this one again for sure. That bed of cheesy grits we ate it on didn't hurt either. :) ‎· SAM
It was a bit chunky (I opened the wrong can of tomatoes) but otherwise pretty tasty. I had mine over crushed tortilla chips, which was pretty tasty. Cheesy grits would have been pretty great. ‎· Jennifer D.
Ooh. We like tortilla chips a lot. They are one of our carbs of choice. ‎· SAM
That sounds delicious. ‎· Jilli