Does anyone know the minimum level of exercise necessary to justify "carb loading"? .
Walking to the kitchen. ‎· Kristin
If there no NO CARB LOADING sign any % is a-ok. ‎· Micah
I've done a couple of 100 km hikes with and without carb-loading and didn't find that it helped me. ‎· Benny Bucko
I don't know that I'd recommend carb loading for anything less than a half marathon distance. Normal consumption of complex carbs will keep glycogen stores at a level acceptable for shorter distances. If you're talking weightlifting, then keeping your glycogen stores full is just an ongoing process dependent on the amount of complex carbs you're taking in daily plus additional high GI carbs consumed during lifting sessions. Regular cardio (different from endurance cardio) unfortunately does not require carb loading and is actually hindered by excess glycogen. Also keep in mind that carb loading for an endurance event should take place over a period of a few days leading up to the exercise event rather than a single meal the day before, with a final load taking place 24 hours prior to the exercise. ‎· Hookuh Tinypants