Anyone know of a great resource to get an overview of each candidate on the Washington State primary ballot? .
I'm going to ask one of my friends, there usually is, but I'm terrible at remembering which sites they are. I'll post back. Ballotpedia is usually OK for tracking stuff down, but they're so focused on the Presidential Primary that they don't seem to have anything. There's the usual Secretary of State website, but that's just what's in the voters pamphlet. ‎· Jennifer D.
A Twitter search turned this up. Don't know if it's great. FuseWA also has a guide: ‎· Spidra Webster
FUSE is one of the ones I always forget, and it can be a pretty good resource. ‎· Jennifer D.
Thanks! I also got some good info/starts down the right path off of ‎· SAM