"Friends and family, Scott Mueller and I would like to thank you all for contributing to and sharing in the memories we've made over the years. We're posting this message to tell you that our paths have parted. We have experienced so much together since we met in 2004, but it was time for us to go our separate ways. We want you all to know that this is a healthy and amicable split. Yes, it is sad to see two people who were so in love end their marriage. We hope, though, that you will share in the happiness that we have for each other's respective futures. We don't know what is ahead, but we do know that we care for each other and hope to see each other succeed and thrive." -Alexandra Panagotacos
I wish you both all of the best, no matter where your journeys carry you. ‎· Jennifer D.
Sorry, Scott. *hugs* ‎· John B.
Hoping the best for you both. Not an easy thing to share, but thank you for communicating and in such a considerate manner. ‎· Micah
Best of luck to both of you. ‎· Spidra Webster
<3 ‎· Kristin
*hugs* ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
The best to both of you, from both of us. ‎· Pete Smith
*hugs* ‎· Kirsten
So sorry... ‎· Sarah G.
Wish the best for both of you. ‎· ronin
*hugs* ‎· Mr. Noodle
Best wishes to you both. ‎· Galadriel
*hugs* ‎· bentley
May the wind be ever at your back and all that. Hugs. ‎· laura x