Mokum bookmarklet and browser extensions

Drag the bookmarklet link: Share on Mokum to your browser toolbar.

If you're on mobile browser, see below for instructions.

NB: due to nerdy reasons bookmarklets (none of them) do not work on some sites, e.g. Github, Flickr and some others. You can use browser extension for such cases (see below).

Installing bookmarklet on desktop browsers

Just drag and drop the bookmarklet link to bookmarks bar.

If you select some text on a page you're sharing, this text will be automatically copied to the text area.

Chrome extension

"Mokum share extension" for Google Chrome, created by @markizko: Chrome web store

"Mokum share extension" for Mozilla Firefox, created by @markizko: Mozilla Firefox addons

Mokum extension for Pale Moon web browser, created by @app103

Installing and using bookmarklet on Google Chrome for iPhone/iPad

  • bookmark this page by tapping "star" symbol in the address bar;
  • copy-paste the link: ;
  • click "three dots" button to the right of the address bar and select "Bookmarks";
  • click on "Bookmarks Bar" folder, find "Share on Mokum: bookmarklet" link and click the "three dots" button to its right;
  • click on "Edit" in the popup menu; clear URL field; paste from the code from the clipboard (it will begin with "javascript:");
  • click "Finished", and you're done.

To use the bookmarklet:

  • open the page you'd like to share;
  • touch the address bar and begin typing "Share on Mokum": after few letters you will see the "Share on Mokum" in the suggestions list";
  • click on this item in the suggestion list, and the sharing page will open;
  • if you decided not to share, just click "Back" button of your browser;
  • if you select some text on a page you're sharing, it will be automatically copied to the text area.

P.S.: Source code: Show