RT @jimmy_dore: what Vox management calls a "good hire" https://t.co/Qfgm7P1qtD .
JUSTICE LEAGUE (@ Alamo Drafthouse Park North - @sa_drafthouse for Justice League in San Antonio, TX) https://t.co/1fs0AnaYVB .
RT @LeeCamp: When you're unable win the war of ideas, all you have left is censorship. .
RT @caitoz: A worldview which does not account for the pro-establishment manipulations of the highly consolidated, plutocracy-owned western media is a worthless worldview. .
RT @bunnybuddhism: I have no desire to be anything less than the best bunny I can be. .
RT @ajamubaraka: Now we are seeing the real objective of Russiagate - elevate state and corporate propaganda as only acceptable information/news. .
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Final: Bulls 123 Hornets 120. CHA: K Walker 47pts, 6reb, 5ast CHI: J Holiday 27pts, 3reb, 0ast (ESPN) https://t.co/So59UlD8iA .
RT @kenklippenstein: Meanwhile in a country with functioning infrastructure https://t.co/7TA290hf0J .
RT @LeeCamp: What is most mind-blowing is the myopia of the American memory. What's being sold to us on the TV now is no different than the WMD LIE. .
RT @AmirAminiMD: If you hate the Constitution that gives me the right to speak my mind, you are welcome to leave the country your ancestors stole from the Indigenous People. https://t.co/5khrGfAput .
RT @Tim_Canova: Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota. In FL, GA & AL, the threat is Sabal Trail Pipeline. https://t.co/bqDlZxGRDo .
RT @KeeganNYC: Extremely powerful video of Erica Garner (@es_snipes) talking about the loss of her father and subsequent protests: https://t.co/VKv4hmISwV https://t.co/mKpiGI8H9h .
RT @SusanSarandon: Hi Lea, please share info about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with your followers. They do amazing work with orphaned elephants & other animals in Kenya. The website is https://t.co/efapCzAtp2 to learn more & donate. Thanks. #BeKindToElephants https://t.co/kcpv1oKp9j .
RT @People4Bernie: By 2027 41 million Americans will get a tax increase. We have under a month to stop this in the Senate. https://t.co/7ZiI8yA9XO .
RT @davidsirota: Breaking: Democrats became a big money party under Bill Clinton. .
I'm at Trader Joe's in San Antonio, TX https://t.co/B4wWcEciEL .
I'm at Las Palapas in San Antonio, TX https://t.co/WvBw7T2RKG .
RT @GuruBluXVIII: Barry let indigenous folk and other protestors get beat down, gassed and hosed by police and Big Oil private security for the entirety of the Standing Rock protest and passed a bullshit measure he knew would get thrown out in two months after he left. He just passed the baton. https://t.co/9K5FMM9Xgk .
RT @paulajean2018: How many people think that @Sen_JoeManchin should take a water challenge? Since he is okay with polluting our water he should have to drink water from fracking areas and the coalfields. .
RT @AmirAminiMD: Apparently the multi-millionaire who gave WallSt-speeches for 350K/h isn’t part of the wealthy elite, says propagandist who receives 30K/day to attack the one politician who wanted to take on the uber wealthy class ruining this country. https://t.co/JKxt3atx8u .
RT @jacobinmag: And you wonder why socialism will win. https://t.co/kOIL8YnvMA .
RT @12nighthorror: ON THANKSGIVING BIRDS WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE! #Horror 1963 #TheBirds #AlfredHitchcock https://t.co/t6B7OnWcOq .