Final: Islanders 7 Blackhawks 3. NYI: A Beauvillier 2 goals, CHI: P Kane 2 goals, NYI: J Halak 36 saves. (ESPN) .
RT @caitoz: Beware The Smiling Face Of Establishment Politics #sanctions #NorthKorea #MSM #war #propaganda .
o hai #merightnow #tiredoldman #yougottabekittenme @ Between the Darkness and the Light .
Final: Bulls 113 Hawks 97. CHI: R Lopez 20pts, 5reb, 2ast ATL: D Schroder 18pts, 3reb, 5ast (ESPN) .
RT @ggreenwald: Let me know when Twitter starts notifying users that they followed, cited or re-tweeted any of *these* state-run propaganda accounts. But please - for the sake of your health - don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen (via @adamjohnsonNYC) .
RT @ggreenwald: Is Twitter going to track and inform users when they follow, re-tweet or approvingly cite accounts that are linked to western governments and their propaganda efforts, too? .
RT @ggreenwald: Twitter is sending out messages to people telling them that, for their own good, they are documenting that the user has either followed, cited or re-tweeted an account Twitter decided is linked to Russia & its propaganda efforts. That's not creepy at all. .
RT @KyleKulinski: In other words establishment outlets will be prioritized and independent outlets will be suppressed. .
RT @RoseAnnDeMoro: .@Rendon63rd blocked a bill championed by WOMEN for WOMEN! #SinglePayer #SB562 Why is he speaking at #WMLA2018? Tweet at @wmnsmarchla and other prominent guests to ask for Rendon's removal: @RowanBlanchard @ElizabethBanks @larrywilmore @mradamscott @Lavernecox @AlfreWoodard .
RT @NomikiKonst: Some @dnc rules and bylaws members are concerned that state party chairs will no longer be pledged superdelegates on first ballot, citing that many are grassroots (true). But that’s not the point. The intent is state party chairs are to act as non biased arbiters in their states .
RT @NomikiKonst: “18% of the @DNC is appointed by the Chair and they become 60% of the gatekeepers for change at the DNC, as members of the committees.” - David McDonald at DNC Rules & Bylaws meeting discussing #UnityReformCommission report .
RT @JulianAssange: 'Hamilton 68' doesn't track propaganda. It is propaganda. Its "Council"? Stuffed with Bill Kristol, Michael Chertoff, Mike Morell, etc. Its funding? Opaque (see its 990s). Its methodology? Unfalsifiable--Twitter users put on ad-hoc secret lists based on political view. Appalling. .
RT @davidsirota: I’ve seen something as cynical: Politicians and pundits saying Iraq had WMD in order to justify an invasion after 9/11 .
RT @SAcurrent: The 'Most Widespread' Flu Outbreak in Recent History Spread Quickly, Thanks to Texas .
RT @ggreenwald: One of the worst parts about being on Bill Maher's show is that you're expected to sit there and cackle like a jackass when he speaks. .
RT @jimmy_dore: Look, there is no better authority on honest "trustworthy" news than a guy who became a billionaire from an idea he stole from his friends .
RT @caitoz: How to be on the right side of history for every foreign policy issue 100% of the time: Step 1: Examine an issue. Step 2: Find out what the neocons are saying about it. Step 3: Advocate the exact opposite position. .
RT @ggreenwald: Russian Twitter bots convinced Americans that Saddam had WMDs and was in an alliance with Al Qaeda. .
RT @bunnybuddhism: May we have hope because we know there is love in this bunny world. .
RT @jjz1600: At the #Dems #Rules Committee as they debate the UnityReformCommission report. They keep calling it the “Unity” Committee ignoring the need for “Reform”. Some want to reopen & undo the compromises we reached. This would be a mistake because w/out Reform, Unity will be at risk. .
RT @DrJillStein: Daniel Ellsberg exposed how our government, military & intelligence agencies cover up mass murder & mass deception. Now he's speaking out about the insanity of nuclear weapons. This is what true heroism looks like. .
RT @LeeCamp: Please remember that corporate media are propaganda outlets for the war industry, and that all wars are for corporate profit. Enjoy your Friday. .
RT @KyleKulinski: Stop listening to what politicians say and start looking at their votes. .
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