Finally happened: the eye doctor says that I should get some OTC reading glasses. Getting old sucks. .
Cosign :( ‎· Stephen Mack
Get them strong enough. Make sure you can read the street names on Google Maps and the little grey '@zeigen retweeted' labels on your Twitter client of choice. ‎· marybaum
Grab an item in the store with the smallest print and try reading it with whatever glasses you test out in the store. Some ingredients labels on cosmetics are perfect for this purpose. Also look for things that have long strings of numbers in small print and make sure you can easily tell the difference between 3, 6, 8, and 9. Some UPC codes are good for this purpose. ‎· April
*waves rake and mutters something about his lawn* ‎· Smooth Young Priest
"Any year now" is what I keep hearing as well. The first time I was given the close up chart I didn't even realize what it was for. Didn't occur to me that I was getting older despite the leading 4 on my age. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
I'm bringing my glucose meter with me to the pharmacy to get a new battery, so I'll have something with super small writing on it... That sentence just impressed on me how old I am. Ancient, I am. ‎· Steven Perez
Get a 4-pack! I have a set by my bed, in the kitchen, at work, and in my work bag. ‎· jsholman
I was always a little farsighted, which made me capable of great feats of distance vision even through most of my forties. But the reading-glasses thing began promptly on my 40th birthday. It was as if at 39 I could see a yellow dot that was 1/133 of an inch wide - I KNOW I could see one at 32 and 33, but sometime after that I stopped printing in town, so no more press checks - and the day I turned 40 I couldn't read the number on a tennis ball. ‎· marybaum