You know what's really cool? Overnight acid reflux and a niacin flare. Burning from the inside and the outside. #tiredoldman .
Oh, shoot. I've only had to deal with the first, and that's bad enough :((( ‎- Jennifer D.
:-( ‎- John B.
Not fun at all. :-( ‎- Galadriel
So bad :( Did you know that carbonated drinks, cocoa and coffee is bad for you? ‎- Roya
I've only had the first and it sucks enough. :( ‎- Dani (aka ashuping)
:-( ‎- Kirsten
My skin finally cooled off around 10 am. My acid reflux really didn't settle until lunch. I look forward to tonight's session of not-sleep. ‎- Steven Perez