Whatever Nate Silver has been smoking tonight, it must be fantastic stuff. Like him, I have no numbers on that, ... https://t.co/ibJlnt5SVH .
Silver hasn't been having a good election cycle so far. ‎· John B.
I blame proximity to David Brooks and Tom Friedman. ‎· Steven Perez
It's weird how he's gone from "trust the numbers" to "the numbers must be wrong because they don't conform to my assumptions." ‎· John B.
His podcast is even more hilarious. I listened for a few episodes before I started wondering, "Who are these people and where is the Nate Silver from 2008?" ‎· Steven Perez
Then again, Silver is a huge baseball geek, so maybe winning 1 out of 3 states is a success to him. ‎· Steven Perez
Ouch >_< ‎· Jennifer D.