RT @the_intercept: .@HillaryClinton falsely credits Reagans with starting ‘national conversation’ on HIV/AIDS https://t.co/OUXjOrv8S1 by @ZaidJilani .
Yeah, that shit was bananas. ‎· Jennifer D.
I can understand wanting to say something nice at the funeral, but you can't just rewrite history. ‎· John B.
I don't even like her, and I caught myself yelling at my laptop, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?" ‎· Steven Perez
Yeah, I couldn't believe she actually said that, especially when her campaign is talking about intersectionality and all that. ‎· John B.
I honestly thought it was Andy Borowitz or the Onion. There's no way a career politician like Clinton could ever say something that dumb. ‎· Steven Perez