RT @KyleKulinski: .@CNN is still misleadingly putting superdelegates in their delegate count - without even disclosing they're included. Shameful. #WAcaucus .
I honestly wonder if some of those will be tempted to reconsider if the vast majority of their precincts voted for Sanders. You know some of them are going to feel pressured. ‎· Jennifer D.
In the words of the Hero of Canton, that will be an interesting day. ‎· Steven Perez
I get the feeling that, for some of them, they don't see a huge downside to keeping with Clinton, since they don't anticipate gaining any clout with Sanders for switching. That said, a lot of them just like her, and are going with what they think is best. Politics are always local and personal at some level. ‎· Jennifer D.
I think there would be more switching if Sanders seemed likely to win a clear majority of pledged delegates. ‎· John B.