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RT @ABCPolitics: 44% of Americans want a third-party candidate in the case of a Trump-Clinton match-up, @ABC/WaPo poll finds https://t.co/qVTa6wL2Vb .
I wonder how much of that is folks genuinely wanting to vote for a 3rd-party candidate, how much of it is simply wanting a 3rd-party candidate to dilute the "other side", and how much of it is simply people wanting to see us begin to move away from the 2-party system. Also, since there already is a 3rd-party candidate on the ballot, it's kind of a moot point anyway. ‎· Mr. Noodle
^ There's that. Also there are 3rd party options for both left and center-right (and probably far right, but I'm less familiar with those parties). ‎· John B.
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