@abbra коллега наш J.L. только что выкатил -- TAG Heuer | Introducing the new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcCptADzO4s
Putin-pranking rappers escape fines for Åland "gay bar" incident "Amidst plywood, colourful strings of light and some blue spray paint, the comedy rappers used the makeshift "gay bar on Putin's land" for a music video." https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/putin-pranking_rappers_esc...
When the #SovietUnion Paid #Pepsi in #Warships "The company had a long, strange relationship with the U.S.S.R." - @GastroObscura http://bit.ly/2Ds8FVj
Помню ту рекламу Пепси с Джексоном. Но не знал, что взамен платили водкой :) ‎· Der Große Schlange
@voldmar rood beer is 3rd cousin twice removed to Baikal :( ‎· Count Caturday
seeMore at SXSW "This is "seeMore at SXSW" by Sam Blanchard on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them." https://vimeo.com/178379892
Iron Harvest, Lots of New Information! Cover, Heroes and Mechs. "Please do take the survey, http://iron-harvest.com/survey1920 ..." https://youtu.be/Bsaj8xAfxQM
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sadly not for SteamOS ‎· silpol
Iron Harvest Trailer "In-engine pre-Alpha footage from Iron Harvest, a real-time strategy game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, set in the world of 1920+ More info: ..." https://youtu.be/AT29OGk_Byc
Финский переулок 114. #сказочноебали "Зима-холода, одинокие дома, моря-города – все как будто изо льда. Что остается в этой ситуации несчастному северному человеку? Мечтать о пробеле после буквы “е” и заниматься пробелом до." https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/novosti/finskii_peryeulok_114_s...
ну и про Бали :) ‎· silpol
С экологией там ниоч, я гляжу. ‎· 9000 ‎· 1
^: Я тоже сначала подумала, что бык двухголовый и в респираторах на каждой голове. ‎· иконостас для атомной подлодки ‎· 4
Creating Your Messenger Bot with Python – Bot Tutorials "Ok. Before starting, let me put a few conditions on the way you are allowed to use it. There are basically two ways for creating your…" http://bit.ly/2ztWSCd
The Story of the Fjords "Promoting sustainable tourism in the Geiranger area." https://vimeo.com/60200006
The Worlds Largest Gingerbread City - Pepperkakebyen 2012 - "Every year the city of Bergen, Norway, creates The Worlds Largest Gingerbread City. A city within the city. Over 2000 houses has been built this year by kids..." https://youtu.be/UCvEGHrmVPY
On rankkaa olla tonttumies | The Joulukalenteri | Yeah it is hard to be a tonttu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-fQBi45ieI
RIP... Броневой, Леонид Сергеевич — Википедия https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Броневой,_Леонид_Сергеевич
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только благодаря ссылке на википедию понял, почему голос, поющий "видим мы, как шмель влетел в окно" всегда казался таким знакомым. R.I.P. ‎· newtover ‎· 2
эхъ... ‎· darnau o urddas
На вопрос "так какой у меня IP address, свет мой, зеркальце, скажи" Гугл отвечает 2001:14bb:140:c44d:1481:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx Your public IP address / Лепота... (там реальные hexdigits вместо xxxx)
С телефона всегда так. ‎· 9000 ‎· 1
$ uname -a / Linux lorry 4.10.0-40-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 9 14:49:09 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux ‎· silpol
Достаточно, чтоб телефон обеспечивал hotspot. Но и проводные провайдеры повадились выдавать IPv6. ‎· 9000 ‎· 1
Russian sites call HIV a myth, Western conspiracy—an epidemic is now exploding "As rate of new cases decline worldwide, Russia saw 149% jump in the past decade." http://bit.ly/2ib01AC
MacOS Update Accidentally Undoes Apple's "Root" Bug Patch "The company's fix for an embarrassing security bug includes a big bug of its own." https://www.wired.com/story/macos-update-undoes-apple-root-bu...
GEIO, The World’s 1st FPS Battle Bot with Visual Recognition "GEIO will land on Kickstarter on 8th November 2017. Check it on http://kck.st/2zqQfnX" https://youtu.be/NZsgeOZoy-c
Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video) "The official promo video for 'Money' by Pink Floyd, taken from the album 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' Originally released in 1973, 'The Dark Side of The Moon'..." https://youtu.be/-0kcet4aPpQ
Maxim Goryachy on Twitter “Game over! We (I and @_markel___ ) have obtained fully functional JTAG for Intel CSME via USB DCI. #intelme #jtag #inteldcihttps://twitter.com/h0t_max/status/928269320064450560
This is what the Saudi royal purge means - and why it has huge implications for the rest of the world | @Independent https://ind.pn/2zsC4yO
"The Saudi night of the long knives was followed by the sudden appearance of Saad Hariri in the Kingdom, announcing that he was resigning as prime minister of Lebanon. Then came the news that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had been summoned to Riyadh. The 32-year-old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is seeking to exert control both at home and abroad, in the process ratcheting up tension in an already volatile Middle East." ‎· silpol
Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse "Too much inequality and too few natural resources could leave the West vulnerable to a Roman Empire-style fall." (by Alex Brown) http://theatln.tc/2znZAge
Робовладельческий строй "Как мы будем жить при суперкапитализме" https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3455179
How to securely hash passwords? "If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the datab..." https://security.stackexchange.com/a/31846/4936
дичайше поверхностно же, где i/o hard, memory-hard и т д.. ‎· пьяные тыкали в сайт госуслуг ‎· 2
16 photos that show just how much Helsinki has changed in the last 100 years "Helsinki was founded in 1550, but even when it was finally declared the capital in 1812 its population was less than 5000. To celebrate this magnificent transformation, to a vibrant city of the future, let's take a little peak at Helsinki of the past." http://inktank.fi/16-photos-that-show-just-how-much-helsinki-...
right next to kauppahalli (market hall, rightmost building) is the house where Helsinki policemeister had been giving housing for Lenin. Sad, they say there is pub where he had his pint, but I don't know where it is. ‎· silpol ‎· 1
Sõnnikulaotamine / Spreading Dung / Разбрасывание навоза "Sõnnikulaotamine (Siro, siro, sitakõnõ) Эстонская народная песня "Я навозец разбросаю..." "Spreading Dung" - Estonian Folk Song" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ialKSGTW-Yc
The Choir master looks like he's indeed spreading it :) ‎· Count Caturday ‎· 1
so the word #fake in description is right one, thanks. ‎· silpol
What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages? - Stack Overflow Blog "On Stack Overflow Jobs, you can create your own Developer Story to showcase your achievements and advance your career. One option you have when creating a Developer Story is to add tags you would like to work with or would not like to work with:" https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/10/31/disliked-programming-la...