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Why Did the CIA Classify the Soviet Army's Recipe for Borscht? http://bit.ly/2I5ERls


"The problem for people who care about government transparency is that the CIA's efforts to conceal history go far beyond soup."

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«The soup was good, but not good enough to qualify as an American state secret. ... Too often, Brown says, "it becomes a slippery slope" where "'dangerous to national security'" exceptions get applied to materials that might just be embarrassing. Once, he tells me, the CIA tried to use the national security restriction to hide a joke about an attack on Santa Claus.»

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Langley, Virginia, 1970s. CIA HQ. Captain John Calmer, a Soviet sector analyst, stays to work at night. It is strictly forbidden, but he earned his trust by his magnificent, nearly prescient reports. He is a Soviet spy, Ivan Smirnov. When everybody leaves the building, he takes the fire escape stairs to the executive floor, quickly picks the lock to the CIA Director’s office, and silently enters. He knows where to look. He opens the Director’s safe with his copy of the key, acquired long ago from one of the cleaners, and takes the yellow-orange folder from it. He enjoys the view of clear black letters: TOP SECRET//HCS-O/UMBRA/NOFORN. He pulls his trusty Minox, takes a deep breath, and opens the folder...

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Next morning, the CIA director comes to his office and orders cleaning. He looks at the hole in John’s head, and the walls splashed by something looking like borscht. He takes the folder back from the officer’s dead hand, strikes off the number 14 on the back page, writes “15” over it, and puts the folder back into the safe.

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@sorhed: bo-o-o-o-oy...

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