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About New York - Creating a Network Like Facebook, Only Private - -
"Ilya Zhitomirskiy, 20, far left; Dan Grippi, 21; Max Salzberg, 22; and Raphael Sofaer, 19, all students at N.Y.U., are trying to reinvent social networking online." ‎· silpol
attention: we are currently raising money on kickstarter! we would love your help. ‎· silpol
$113K raised already, raising about 1K per hour, way to go, guys! ‎· время наебениться
looks like public has understood some privacy lessons (probably hard way) ‎· silpol
it is interesting to dig it out 2+ years later... ‎· silpol
What was their end? :) ‎· Count Caturday
not sure about the end - pods are there and they run, and I see new releases. but their biggest hit into credibility was lack of G+ success. I posted article ‎· silpol