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Microsoft Kinect Spy System » The Unmarked Van - keeping an eye on the people keeping an eye on us - http://www.unmarkedvan.com/?p=192
"So you just got the Kinect/Xbox360 gaming system and you’re having fun, hanging out in your underwear, plopped down in your favorite lounge chair, and playing games with your buddies. Yeah, it’s great to have a microphone and camera in your game system so you can “Kinect” to your pals while you play, but did you read that Terms of Service Agreement that came with your Kinect thingy? No? Here, let me point out an important part of that service agreement." ‎· silpol
"Hey, it’s MICROSOFT. What did you expect? And the same concerns apply to all interactive game systems. Just something to think about if you’re having a “Naked Wii party” or doing something illegal while you’re gaming with your buddies. Or maybe you say something suspicious and it triggers the DHS software to start tracking your every word. Hey, this is not paranoia. It’s spelled out for you, right there in that Service Agreement. Read it! Here’s one more part of the agreement you should be aware of." ‎· silpol
now I am afraid to read user agreement for ms windows and wp7. Both got microphones and cameras (laptop and phone) ‎· romanovskis
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