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"* there is no adequate post-storage - current storage engineering seeks to withstand 10k-100k years while human history don't remember what was 7k years ago with Egyptian pyramids engineering * the culture of cost cut and bureaucracy took over large corporations owning nuke stations - how you can take their claim of safety seriously, if Fukushima is good example how complacency mix with dealing on safety risks? * economical models of all current nuke stations won't stand adjustment to reality mentioned in point 1 and 2, they will go boost in sub-year domain. and once shutdown starts, real costs of closure will be public, sending whole nuke electricity into re-adjustment and cascade closure. * and I didn't touch insurance cost for disasters, which is topic for volumes whole nuke industry exists because first they lied about real costs, and now it is too late to deal with them because once we close even one of them, domino effect will be unbearable." ‎· silpol
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