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Clearly Steve Jobs’ lasting legacy … He created a bunch of assholes. (via theclearlydope) -
I doubt that Jobs has created these. Assholes can be a lucrative market, though... ‎· 9000
well, he might be not involved, but marketing he had masterminded had activated those who surfaced in picture (and many-many-many others). I.e. he is not source but catalyst for sure :) ‎· silpol
blame "consumerism" or what is the word, it's much much more ancient than latest gadgets, alas. ‎· 9000
you mean, waking up dark side for profit is Ok? mmmm, I'm not sure if that's Ok with me ‎· silpol
not quite nice, just typical, not specific to Apple, alas. "dark side of profit" would be selling addictive drugs or bait-and-switch tactics. oh wait... ‎· 9000