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It is both greedy and irresponsible for American corporations to allow untaxed cash to pile up on their balance sheets while American infrastructure crumbles, public education suffers, the unemployed struggle to survive and shareholders lose their investments. It’s time for America’s “job creators” to do their job. -
Imho, public education suffers not from lack of cash. ‎· 9000
omg, just tax unused cash in account ‎· romanovskis
^^^ how about cutting other govt spending instead, e.g. on military? ‎· 9000
^ how exactly taking more money out of the system via spending cuts can help the economy? ‎· время наебениться
^^^ there's no point taking money from private pockets into gov't pockets as long as the gov't is *so* irresponsible spending it. no point to collect more taxes and waste it. ‎· 9000
but companies think differently. they'd rather invest money than loose it to government ‎· romanovskis