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5 Things a Small Business Owner Won’t Tell You - http://www.thesmallbusinessplaybook.com/things-small-business...
"Starting and running your own business is hard…..really hard. Some days in fact you may question why you ever made the entrepreneurial leap of faith. Having your own business is alot like riding a roller coaster, lots of highs and lows, and sometimes you may get queasy. Anyone that has their own business has, at times, experienced the freedom and joy that only being your own boss can bring. But has also experienced the stomach turning, stress inducing moments where you wish you were back in a safe warm cubicle somewhere, trying to look busy until 5PM comes around. When things are stressful in your business, and they often are, having friends and family ask you “how’s it going?”, can be one of the most annoying things on earth. And you will almost always give the same response…..”it’s good” Below are five things you will almost never tell your non-business owning friends, family and former co-workers." ‎· silpol
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