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24 Things to Think About Before Starting A Business -
"Most people think they know how much work is involved but are hit with a hard dose of reality once they get in the thick of things. As a business owner you need to have both an iron stomach and the ability to live with uncertainty. Before you take the leap and start a business, you should ask yourself the questions below and answer them honestly. You need to be certain that you are fully prepared to take on the responsibilities that will be required of you as a small business owner. The questions below focus on your motivations, aptitude, and business plan." ‎· silpol
about a year ago I stopped reading posts with "x things to know/remember if/when..." usually not worth the time spent reading. reminds me of "british scientists". ‎· romanovskis
this one is good checklist - better than many business development centers give you as guidance. at least wrt my personal experience "between Nokias" ‎· silpol
yes, the questions are to the point. ‎· 9000