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NLnet; Welcome to NLnet Foundation - http://nlnet.nl/
"Since 1997 NLnet foundation has been financially supporting organizations and people that contribute to an open information society. It funds software, events, educational activities --and more. The procedure is fast and open to anyone. NLnet is unique in its open minded funding - it doesn't matter if you are a teacher at an Australian university, a self employed programmer in India, a civil rights group in the USA or a startup founder sitting in her parents' garage. Find out what NLnet can do for you and what you can do for NLnet." ‎· silpol
"NLnet has contributed funding to many important and very visible projects such as NLnet Labs, Jitsi, the SSL Observatory, NoScript, Tor, GPLv3, Serval project, Calligra and webODF as well as many other less known projects that operate more in the background. " ‎· silpol
Donate again? They accept #bitcoin ! ‎· silpol
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