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Stop whatever you’re doing right now and watch this eight-minute speech from Christopher Lauer, a Member of State Parliament in Berlin who was elected last fall. -
Stop whatever you're doing and transcribe the speech! :-] ‎· 9000
@9000 "After you’ve seen the speech (after clicking Play, press the uparrow and then CC to turn on subtitles in English, as I did)," ‎· silpol
@silpol: so, the hard part is already done! what's left s putting it all on a web page. maybe I'll actually take on that. ‎· 9000
@9000 don't miss video - this one is interesting to see from many perspectives. One item in particular - face of representative from "other side". One can't pass so much with dry text - in this video, motion picture talks more than thousands words... ‎· silpol